NWL KC Signs Popular Wrestling Star from Texas

NWL KC has landed high-flying superstar Bolt Brady, who will compete as Blaine Meeks under the terms of the multiyear agreement.

The popular wrestler from Austin, Texas, will make his NWL KC debut at the promotion’s inaugural show on January 7 at the Scottish Rite Temple in midtown Kansas City.

League president Major Baisden, who oversaw the contract signing at NWL Headquarters in downtown Kansas City, says the wrestling world needs more competitors like Blaine Meeks.

“Blaine Meeks may look mild-mannered, but he’s an outstanding athlete whose aerial style has electrified crowds nationwide,” Baisden says. “When I look at Meeks, I see a decent young man who has the potential to be a breakout hero and an outstanding role model for the NWL’s younger fans.”

An avid comics fan with more than 5,000 books in his alphabetized collection, Meeks says he was drawn to NWL KC because of the League’s emphasis on colorful characters and storyline-driven entertainment.

“NWL KC is a shiny new brand offering a fresh product,” he says. “It’s the perfect place for me to reboot myself, so to speak. As I enter this exciting next chapter of my career, I feel like my favorite hero, Daredevil—the man without fear.”

About NWL

The National Wrasslin’ League (NWL) is reviving the historical roots of the business. Fueled by intercity rivalries, the NWL prides itself on family-friendly, storyline-driven programming that delivers thrilling athletic action and entertaining characters.

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