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The NWL Reveals Tournament Brackets for NWL KC and NWL STL Championship Title Belts

The NWL (National Wrasslin’ League) has released the tournament brackets to begin the quest for the coveted city championship belts in both wrestling leagues in Kansas City and St. Louis.


Kansas City, Missouri (PRWEB) February 02, 2017


The NWL has released the tournament brackets to begin the quest for the coveted city championship belts in both wrestling leagues in Kansas City and St. Louis. The tournament began on January 21st in Kansas City and January 26th in St. Louis; as the top sixteen wrestlers on each roster were seeded to match up against one another over the course of a three-month-long tournament. The championship match will culminate on April 1st in Kansas City and April 6th in St. Louis.


“For the first time ever the NWL is proud to introduce the city championship belts,” said Major Baisden, League president. Each of which was uniquely designed by NWL and handcrafted by legendary belt maker, Dave Millican. “It’s incredible to have such prestigious straps back in each city worth fighting for.”


In the first round, Dakota Draper and Blaine Meeks of NWL KC both advanced to the semi-finals. “After spending last fall scouring the map for the best independent wrestling talent, it feels great to finally see the KC roster in the ring vying for the championship belt” said Chris Gough, NWL KC General Manager. On January 26th in St. Louis, Todd Letterman and Jay Lutz ousted Skyler Beckett and Christian Adonis, respectively, of NWL STL to move into the next round. Matt Jackson, General Manager of NWL STL said, “Given St. Louis’ rich wrestling history I am proud to be working with a group of men so passionate about this tournament and can’t wait to crown the first NWL STL Champion!”


The tournament action continues this weekend as Jeremy Wyatt takes on wild-man, Thor Theriot in the main event match-up at 7pm on Saturday, February 9th at the Scottish Rite Temple.


About NWL


The National Wrasslin’ League (NWL) is reviving the historical roots of the business. Fueled by intercity rivalries, the NWL prides itself on family-friendly, storyline-driven programming that delivers thrilling athletic action and entertaining characters. Learn more at our website:



Press Contact
Marci Fritz
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NWL Hosts Successful Pro Wrestling Debuts in KC, St. Louis, Prepares to Crown League Champions

The NWL, a new pro wrestling startup conceived by Kansas City-based entrepreneur Major Baisden, debuted to enthusiastic large crowds at midtown KC’s Scottish Rite Temple on Saturday, Jan. 7, and at the Casa Loma Ballroom in St. Louis on Thursday, Jan. 12.

“The strong attendance and fan response at both inaugural events indicate that KC and St. Louis continue to be two of the best cities for pro wrestling in the country,” says Baisden, who started the NWL in July with an idea, a business plan, three staff members, and not a single wrestler under contract. “The fans in both cities seemed to rejoice that the local wrasslin’ they grew up loving was finally back. Witnessing the tremendous crowd reactions at both venues was really special to me, as I’ve been a huge fan since I was a kid. After both shows, we received several positive reviews by wrestling journalists, podcasters, and social media fans alike for the quality of the presentation and the in-ring product itself.”

Both initial NWL shows featured main events pitting teams representing Kansas City and St. Louis battling each other for civic pride and bragging rights as part of what will be an ongoing I-70 Series of Wrestling. Team NWL KC enjoyed the home mat advantage at the Scottish Rite, winning a six-man tag bout, while Team NWL STL triumphed in a rematch in front of a near-capacity crowd at the Casa Loma, with the results in sending the local fans in each town home happy.

Throughout the season, the final show of each month will pit wrestlers from KC and St. Louis against each other, with the city earning the most victories recognized as the League’s best town. The NWL’s top city will also earn negotiation rights for all new talent entering the NWL in 2018. The NWL is running events in KC every other Saturday and in St. Louis every other Thursday, making it vital for fans leaving the building wanting more.

To further capitalize on the natural rivalry between KC and St. Louis, both promotions will soon kick off tournament matches to decide the League’s KC and STL champions this spring. The NWL STL champion and the NWL KC kingpin will then square off in a mid-season showdown, with the winner earning home-arena advantage for the year’s big finale in December.

On the night of the season finale, the NWL’s League champion will also be decided that evening with a tourney involving the St. Louis and KC titleholders as well as the No. 1 contenders for both belts. The December spectacular will also crown the NWL’s tag-team champions in a tournament featuring the four teams with the best records over the course of the 12-month season.

“From personal issues to civic pride to championships that are earned in the ring after months of intense competition, NWL KC and NWL STL are presenting compelling, storyline-driven entertainment featuring some of the best athletes in the world,” Baisden says. “More than anything, the NWL is proud to bring back the kind of pro wrestling the fans in both these great cities deserve.”

NWL KC returns for its second show Saturday at the Scottish Rite on Saturday, Jan. 21, while NWL STL brings its own brand of wrestling action back to the Casa Loma on Thursday, Jan. 26. Tickets are available at and, respectively.

About NWL

The National Wrasslin’ League (NWL) is reviving the historical roots of the business. Fueled by intercity rivalries, the NWL prides itself on family-friendly, storyline-driven programming that delivers thrilling athletic action and entertaining characters.


Wrestling returns to St. Louis with National Wrasslin’ League launch


By Colleen Schrappen St. Louis Post-Dispatch

When it comes to longed-for professional sports leagues, soccer is top of mind for many St. Louisans. So is the open wound that is football. Basketball even gets batted around occasionally.

But wrestling? That might not make the mental wish list.

Wait … not wrestling. Wrasslin’. No-holds-barred, chair-throwing, full-nelson wrasslin’. Now that you think about it, you really were missing it, right?

Come Jan. 12, it’s back.

The void left when “Wrestling at the Chase” ended its 34-year run in 1983 will be filled by the National Wrasslin’ League, the brainchild of Kansas City-based entrepreneur Major Baisden.

The league, meant to revive the “territory system” of old-school wrestling, is putting its first roots down in Kansas City and St. Louis. “We want to feed off the natural rivalries that exist in those two cities,” says Travis Bowden of the NWL.

Every other week, a cast of characters will suit up in their singlets at Casa Loma Ballroom in the Benton Park West neighborhood. A slate of seven matches, including tag teams, will start at 7 p.m.

“Casa Loma may be the most pristine venue for wrestling since the Chase,” Bowden says.

Don’t expect it to stay that way on fight nights. Up to a thousand spectators — the league is especially targeting men who were pro wrestling fans in the 1980s and ’90s — will be cheering for their favorite heels and heroes, eating up the ongoing storylines of feuds and factions.

“We’ve locked up the best guys in the Midwest to be hometown favorites,” Bowden says. The league will feature about 50 wrestlers, most veterans of the traveling “indie” circuit.

“We have wrestlers of all shapes and sizes, distinct characters, so that fans will connect to the performers — the idea is to have something for everybody,” Bowden says. “There’s got to be someone on each card that everyone can relate to.”

That could be Mike Outlaw, who adopted his wrestling alias, Dez Wellston, as a nod to his hometown. Outlaw, 25, did construction work before training to be a wrestler three years ago, fulfilling a childhood dream.

“I’ve been watching wrestling since I was 6 years old,” he says. “And I always knew it was something I wanted to do.”

He says the league’s live semimonthly matches will bring an authenticity that’s lacking on television in the shiny, somewhat sanitized WWE.

“I like performing in front of a crowd, dictating the crowd’s reactions and emotions,” Outlaw says. “I feed it to them, and they feed it to me.”

Also feeling the charge of the crowd will be Brad Fox, 33, an Illinois native and former stock broker who has wrestled as Jake Dirden for the past five years. He has a new alter ego, Jack Foster, for the NWL.

“It’s a dramatic, interactive environment. You can be as loud and obnoxious as you want,” Fox says. “If people cheer for me, I’m going to do some awesome stuff.”

Like finishing off an opponent with an Asiatic Spike, jamming his meaty thumb under the poor sap’s jaw until he taps out — or passes out, Fox says with a gruff laugh. “And I think I’m going to utilize my kicks more — I wear size 18 boots.”

Kevin Kwiatkowski, a native of the Affton area, is still tinkering with the nuances of his character.

“Todd Letterman is kind of a newer thing to me,” says Kwiatkowski, 26, who has been wrestling about as long as Outlaw. He was turned on to the sport as a kid by his grandma, a wrestling fanatic.

“I used to be a bad (expletive) — just going in and doing my thing, but my persona in the league is ‘I’m an athlete and I like to win.’

“Fans should expect to see some crazy athleticism … tumbleweeds into the corner, spinning wheel kicks. I like to do some flashy kicks. I’m 6’ 4” and 330 pounds,” Kwiatkowski says.

“I don’t want to peel back the curtain too far, but we’re going to bust out the fireworks.”

NWL KC Presents Inaugural Pro Wrestling Event Jan. 7 at Kansas City’s Scottish Rite Temple


Kansas City, Mo. (PRWEB) January 04, 2017

After months of scouting and signing talent nationwide, NWL KC has finalized its initial roster of more 25 professional wrestlers, many of whom will be debuting at the League’s inaugural live event Saturday, Jan. 7, at 7 p.m. at the Scottish Rite Temple in midtown Kansas City.

“NWL KC officials have scoured the country, evaluating the hottest free agents in the industry across the vast U.S. indie wrestling scene,” says Major Baisden, League president. “Intensifying its rivalry with NWL STL on the other side of I-70, NWL KC has established a strong foundation by signing some of the most talented, sought-after wrestlers in the Midwest.”

NWL KC has reached multiyear agreements with such locally established stars as Kansas City’s own Jet & Jax Royal, aka “Royal Blood,” as well as deals with area favorites Lakota Red Cloud, Jeremy Wyatt and Thor Theriot.

Baisden says NWL KC has also worked diligently to negotiate deals with world-renowned performers like Denver’s Dak Draper and Blaine Meeks from Austin, Texas. “This ambitious approach reflects the League’s convictions to attract the best wrestlers in the country to this area to compete in Kansas City,” he adds.

NWL KC has partnered with the Scottish Rite Temple located at 1330 Linwood Blvd, which has presented several MMA events over the years, to host the League’s slate of live wrestling events in 2017.

“The Scottish Rite is a classy, historic venue that provides the perfect atmosphere for pro wrestling,” Baisden says. “NWL KC fans will enjoy a rowdy, intimate sports experience like no other on Saturday nights at this fine venue. By running shows every other weekend, NWL KC plans to re-establish the emotional connection fans used to enjoy with their fellow fans and local wrestlers so many years ago at Memorial Hal on Thursday nights.”

Based out of its headquarters in downtown KC, the NWL has launched two major advertising campaigns since September, featuring highly targeted indoor ads, radio spots, multiple social media accounts, and a promo event during the October NASCAR race at Kansas Motor Speedway. The campaigns were designed to creatively introduce the NWL brand, while spotlighting the promotion’s larger-than-life characters and fueling the snarky disdain between residents of the two cities.

Since the League launched their multi-platform ad campaigns in September, tickets for this Saturday’s NWL KC kickoff show on Jan. 7 have been selling briskly via Ticketfly at; however, great and affordable seats are still available.

About NWL

The NWL is a professional wrestling organization that is reviving the historical roots of the business. Fueled by intercity rivalries, the NWL prides itself on family-friendly, storyline-driven programming that delivers thrilling athletic action and entertaining characters.

NWL to Present First Live Wrestling Events in KC, St. Louis in January, Supported by Major Ad Campaign




NWL’s multi-platform “Wrasslin’ with Character” campaign spotlights colorful wrestlers appearing at inaugural League shows at KC’s Scottish Rite Temple and the Casa Loma Ballroom in St. Louis.

Kansas City, Mo. (PRWEB) December 21, 2016

Startup pro wrestling company NWL, LLC recently launched “Wrasslin’ With Character,” a multi-platform marketing campaign introducing some of the larger-than-life personalities who will be appearing at the League’s inaugural NWL KC and NWL STL events in January.

Seven NWL stars, including “The Mile High Magnum” Dak Draper, 6-foot-6-inch survivalist Jack Foster, former NFL lockdown corner Ray Briggs, and wine connoisseur Niles Plonk, are featured in a series of indoor ads at bars and restaurants throughout both cities as well as at the Scottrade Center for all St. Louis Blues home games this season.

The Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts of NWL Corp, NWL KC and NWL STL are adding videos and photos daily that provide more in-depth looks at each grappler featured in the campaign.

The colorful character posters are complemented by humorous radio spots appearing in steady rotation on Kansas City stations 610 Sports, 810 WHB, Talk 980, 96.5 the Buzz, 98.9 the Rock and 101 the Fox, all designed to drive ticket sales to the NWL KC’s first show ever on Jan. 7 at the Scottish Rite Temple at 1330 Linwood Blvd.

NWL STL’s version of the “Wrasslin’ with Character” spots are now airing in St. Louis on 105.7 the Point, KSHE 95, and 92.3 WIL. NWL STL has also reached a deal with FM NewsTalk 97.1’s popular hosts Dave Glover and Tony Colombo to promote and recap the group’s wrestling events held every other Thursday night at the Casa Loma Ballroom, beginning with its Jan. 12 debut.

Featuring the “voices” of some of wrestling’s greatest legends, the spots are geared primarily at men 32–52 who used to enjoy pro wrestling in the ’80s and ’90s before the product became stale; however, the NWL’s modern, edgier presentation is also suitable for families.

“The campaign harkens back to the glory years of KC and St. Louis wrestling, when outrageous performers like Dick the Bruiser, King Kong Brody, Dick Murdoch and “Bulldog” Bob Brown thrilled fans throughout the territory with their unique brand of mayhem and storytelling,” says Major Baisden, League president. “This creative campaign is our way of letting fans know that the wrasslin’ they used to love is back, with exciting new characters that will deliver edgy, storyline-driven entertainment every other week in their town.”

In October, NWL KC announced a partnership with the Scottish Rite Temple, located at Linwood and Paseo in midtown Kansas City to present a full slate of live events every other Saturday night in 2017. Rival promotion NWL STL then revealed plans to run shows at the Casa Loma every other Thursday night in the heart of the Cherokee Street/Antique Row Business District in South St. Louis. Tickets for NWL KC and NWL STL events are now on sale through the TicketFly mobile app at and

“KC and St. Louis remain the best cities for professional wrestling in the country, and the NWL is proud to make our debut in these two fantastic venues that will provide an intimate, rowdy experience our fans will enjoy,” Baisden says. “Featuring a mix of the best homegrown Midwest talent and some of the hottest free agents in the country who have signed and moved to the area, the League expects NWL KC and NWL STL to thrive and fuel the flame of an already intense rivalry between the two cities.”

Baisden, a KC-based entrepreneur who sold his last startup, Iris Data Services, Inc. for $134 million in spring 2015, also announced that both promotions have finalized deals to complete their entire initial rosters, who will occasionally square off against each other and eventually compete for the League championship—and city bragging rights—at the company’s end-of-season spectacular in December.

Recent notable NWL KC signings include “The Monarch” Jeremy Wyatt, Thor Theriot, the Swoll Patrol, and Lakota Red Cloud. In addition to the high-profile NWL STL signings announced last week for Dez Wellston and Maverick, the promotion has also inked deals with local sensations Gary Jay, who will compete as Jay Lutz, and Davey Gibson and Matthew Grundy, formerly known as Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett, who will appear in tag-team competition as “The Blood Brothers.” Other recent NWL STL signees include “SuperSoul” Coco Rumble, Cornell Douglas and Emmett DuBois, “The Billion-Dollar Brother.”

About NWL

The National Wrasslin’ League (NWL) is reviving the historical roots of the business. Fueled by intercity rivalries, the NWL prides itself on family-friendly, storyline-driven programming that delivers thrilling athletic action and entertaining characters.



NWL STL Signs Homegrown Wrestling Star Dez Wellston to Multiyear Deal


FOX 8 WVUE – New Orleans

New NWL STL signee Mike Outlaw will honor his hometown by competing as Dez Wellston in St. Louis.

Kansas City, Mo. (PRWEB) December 14, 2016

NWL STL has signed homegrown wrestling superstar Mike Outlaw, who will honor his humble St. Louis-area upbringing by competing in the League under the name Dez Wellston.

Signing a multiyear contract with NWL STL to wrestle in front of his family is the culmination of a dream for this tenacious Midwest grappler, who grew up in Wellston, one of the most economically depressed areas in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

“Every time I’m introduced in the ring as ‘Dez Wellston,’ I’m always going to remember where I came from and how hard I had to fight to get here,” he says. “A lot of people haven’t even heard of my hometown and its struggles. But when I become a champion in NWL STL, I’m going to put Wellston on the map. This isn’t just my dream—I’m fighting for an entire community.”

Travis Bowden, the League’s VP of marketing, praised NWL STL for signing Wellston, who has built a reputation as a fierce competitor on the local indie scene over the last few years.

“Wellston is one of the most exciting performers in the Midwest, and his best days are ahead of him in NWL STL,” says Bowden, who oversaw the contract signing during a recent press conference at NWL Headquarters in downtown Kansas City. “It’s a great day for the NWL when such a promising local star like Wellston signs with the League, as we continue to build a close-knit wrestling community in St. Louis and the surrounding area. On a personal level, I couldn’t be happier for Dez and his family.”

About NWL

The National Wrasslin’ League (NWL) is reviving the historical roots of the business. Fueled by intercity rivalries, the NWL prides itself on family-friendly, storyline-driven programming that delivers thrilling athletic action and entertaining characters.

Maverick Press Conference


Like a modern-day Texas gunslinger, Austin’s Maverick is out to make a reputation in NWL STL, taking dead aim on the St. Louis championship. Hear what Mav had to say about his NWL STL plans by watching the recent press conference announcing his signing.

NWL STL Signs Texas Wrestling Talent to Multiyear Contract

Wrestling star Moonshine Mantell will appear as Maverick under terms of his deal with NWL STL.

Kansas City, Mo. (PRWEB) December 08, 2016

NWL STL has signed national wrestling star Moonshine Mantell, who will compete under the name Maverick as part of the terms of his multiyear deal with the League. Maverick will make his NWL STL debut at the promotion’s first live event at the Casa Loma Ballroom on January 12.

“Maverick is very much a modern-day gunslinger who has established a national reputation as one of the toughest competitors in the business today,” says Travis Bowden, VP of marketing for the NWL, who oversaw the signing during a press conference at NWL Headquarters in downtown KC. “The League commends NWL STL for continuing to look beyond the Midwest to bring some of the country’s top wrestlers into the League.”

The 6-foot, 240-pounder from Austin, Texas, says he has set his sights on becoming the League’s first St. Louis heavyweight wrestling champion.

“I signed with NWL STL for the opportunity to become a champion in what I feel is the fastest-growing wrestling promotion in the United States,” says Maverick, who has patterned his wrestling style after such fellow Lone Star State greats as Terry Funk and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. “I’ll always be loyal to Texas, but I am looking forward to establishing myself in the great city of St. Louis and competing in what has traditionally been one of the best wrestling cities in the world.”

During the press conference, NWL STL also announced that tickets are now on sale for its inaugural event at the Casa Loma Ballroom, where the promotion will be running shows every other Thursday beginning January 12. Fans can reserve seats now at

About NWL

The National Wrasslin’ League (NWL) is reviving the historical roots of the business. Fueled by intercity rivalries, the NWL prides itself on family-friendly, storyline-driven programming that delivers thrilling athletic action and entertaining characters

NWL, LLC Announces Plans to Open State-of-the-Art Training & Performance Center


The National Wrasslin’ League (NWL, LLC) has announced plans to open its Training & Performance Center (TPC), a 10,000-square-foot facility designed to help talent reach peak physical conditioning and train prospective wrestlers.

“This state-of-the-art center will enable NWL talent to continually hone their in-ring craft and get in the best shape of their lives through an extensive training and nutrition program,” says Major Baisden, NWL president. “The NWL TPC will also contain a fully equipped studio for shooting interviews and video features with talent appearing on NWL events in Kansas City and St. Louis.”

Opening in February 2017 at 105 E 18th Avenue in North Kansas City, the NWL TPC will be equipped by Sorinex, a leading provider of strength-training equipment to college and professional sports teams, including more than 90% of the NFL. Other amenities will include a pro-style locker room and clubhouse for NWL wrestlers as well as a competition ring for performers and prospective talent to train.

Derek Stone, a ring veteran who has wrestled throughout the world since beginning his career in 1993, will serve as training director at the NWL TPC. Rob Messerli, a NASM, CSCS and Precision Nutrition certified trainer, will oversee the daily training and recovery of the League’s athletes in his role as strength and conditioning coach.

“Stone and Messerli are experts in their respective fields who can help take the League’s performers to the next level,” Baisden says. “The TPC will prove invaluable as NWL KC and NWL STL continue to attract talent from across the country.”

Under Stone’s direction, the TPC will also offer novice and advanced wrestling schools twice a year for a limited number of qualified candidates, along with occasional clinics for experienced pros. Open tryouts for the wrestling school will be held on the following dates, with prospective students only required to attend one day: Dec. 10–11; Jan. 14–15; and Feb. 11–12. For more information, email

About NWL

The National Wrasslin’ League (NWL) is reviving the historical roots of the business. Fueled by intercity rivalries, the NWL prides itself on family-friendly, storyline-driven programming that delivers thrilling athletic action and entertaining characters.



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