DateKC ParticipantsSTL ParticipantsResults 
7-JanRoyal Blood/Blaine MeeksLetterman, Dez Wellston & Christian Adonis w/CarolinaKCRoyal Blood hit the Royal Flush on Letterman for the win
12-JanDak Draper/Royal BloodBlood Brothers/MaverickSTLBlood Brothers hit the Royal Blood with Death from Above
18-FebJeremy WyattSkyler Beckett w/Buddy ShepherdKCWyatt hit the Coronation on Skyler
23-FebBlaine MeeksJay LutzKCMeeks pins Lutz after interference by Dak Draper who hits both wrasslers with Mile High Doctor Bomb
4-MarRoyal BloodThe UndergroundKCRoyal Blood hit a top rope 450 followed by a shooting star press onto Jackie Lee Bosch
18-MarRoyal BloodBlood BrothersSTLBlood Brothers hit a braineater and busaiku knee strike combination for the win over the Royal Blood
26-MarJet RoyalJack FosterSTLJack Foster hit a huge big boot for the win
1-AprJeremy WyattKyle O'ReillyKCJeremy Wyatt pinned Kyle O'Reilly while locked in an arm bar and tapping out. Ref did not see the tap out.
11-AprRoyal BloodBlood BrothersSTLBlood Brothers hit a braineater and busaiku knee strike combination for the win over the Royal Blood
15-AprJax RoyalDavey GibsonKCJax Royal pinned Davey Gibson with a roll up.
15-AprJet RoyalMatthew GrundyKCJet Royal pinned Grundy following a top rope spanish fly.
23-AprBlaine MeeksMarcellus GainesKCBlaine Meeks pinned Marcellus Gaines with a roll up
23-AprRoyal BloodParty CrashersKCRoyal Blood pinned Spike of The Party Crashers following a 450 and shooting star press combo
29-AprThe Lakota Warrior Red CloudMaverickKCRed Cloud pinned Maverick after his Bow n Arrow drop
29-AprBlaine MeeksTodd LettermanSTLLetterman pinned Blaine Meeks following a spike driver.
15-MayBlaine MeeksMaverickSTLMaverick pinned Meeks after interference from Dak Draper.
15-MayDak DraperDez WellstonKC


Dakota Draper110
Blaine Meeks73
Jeremy Wyatt62
Lakota Red Cloud52
Thor Theriot45
Flex Zerba (Swoll Patrol)31
Ken Dharma24
Niles Plonk23
Ray Briggs25
Jax Royal (Royal Blood)10
Marti Belle10
Max Edwards (Swoll Patrol)11
Jet Royal (Royal Blood)12
Chad Barstow14
Mac (The Union)01
Joe (The Union)01
Marco Howlett (The Howletts)01
Jordan Kastle01
Mia Yim01
Laz Kalo02
Scott Slade03
Gil Rogers06
Hans Ruger11
Amanda Cole01
Amber Lynn10

The Royal Blood72
The Union22
Devlin & Niles Plonk10
Lakota Redcloud & Blaine Meeks10
The Swoll Patrol11
The End12
Ray Briggs & Gil Rogers11
Royal Blood & Dak Draper01
Niles Plonk & Belvedere01
Security Team01
Niles Plonk & Ken Dharma12
Mancini Bros03
The Foundation (Wyatt & Strider)10
Bob Holly and Thor Theriot01
Niles Plonk & Chad Barstow


Todd Letterman71
Cornell Douglass41
"Greatness" Marcellus Gaines42
Christian Adonis44
"Super Soul" Coco Rumble20
Dez Wellston (The Soldiers)22
Mat Grundy (Blood Brothers)22
Skyler Beckett22
Boulder (Party Crashers)10
Kyle O'Reilly10
Tommy Flagg (Anti-Social Network)21
Cal Stark14
Jay Lutz16
Clayton Fox01
August Marshall (Anti-Social Network)01
Wayne Taylor01
"Billion Dollar Brother" Emmett Dubois02
Spike (Party Crashers)01
Neon Iverson (The Soldiers)01
Adam Ryan (The Underground)02
Buddy Shepherd02
Davey Gibson (Blood Brothers)03
Javy "Takedown" Torres03
Dominick Butler03
Jack Foster20

Blood Brothers41
Buddy System20
Coco Rumble & Dez Wellston10
Dez Wellston & Jay Lutz10
Dak Draper & Todd Letterman10
Party Crashers12
Anti-Social Network13
The Underground14
Christian Adonis & Cornell Douglass01
Marcellus Gaines & Clayton Fox01
The Soldiers02
Cornell Douglas and Castle10


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