Ace Steel

Ace Steel

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 211lbs
Trained By: William Regal, Dave Finlay, Dave Taylor
Finisher: Welcome to Chicago DDT

About Ace Steel

The name Ace Steel and Steel Domain Wrestling has been on the forefront of wrestling fans minds for years. Especially after being credited as training “the best in the world” and other notables in both mainstream and indie wrestling. One would think Ace Steel could rest easy on such accomplishments but nothing could be further from the truth. Ace Steel has one goal left on his list and vows to never stop until his goal is accomplished. That goal is “Wrestling world domination as the enforcer of The Foundation.”

Ace has spent more than a decade perfecting his craft in rings around the world preparing for what he calls “The Foundations Master Plan.” Being the enforcer for The Foundation is a role that he takes very seriously. And some would say is perfect for him considering who he cites as mentors and teachers in the wrestling business. Dave Taylor, William Regal, and Dr. Tom Pritchard are just a few of highly skilled wrestlers that he credits for giving him the skills to be the enforcer of The Foundation.

Ace Steel says his focus is to protect the interest of The Foundation at all costs and to make sure The Foundation accomplishes their goal of wrestling domination. It’s hard to argue that if The Foundation has the cold and calculated man that is Ace Steel, that wrestling domination may soon follow.