Anthony Gutierrez

Anthony Gutierrez


Hometown: Lee’s Summit, MO
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 170
Trained By: NWL Training & Performing Center
Finisher: Dead in the Water Spinning Back Kick

About Anthony Gutierrez

MMA standout turned pro wrestler Anthony ‘Sharkbait’ Guiterrez is the perfect example of wrestling’s new influx of hybrid athlete that want to not only entertain but test their athletic ability. Since arriving in the NWL Sharkbait has done just that. Wowing crowds with his strikes, athletic ability, and an already impressive win/loss record.

The moniker ‘Sharkbait’ was acquired when he first started training at age 15. The MMA gym stated that he would ‘Sharkbait’ to the more larger and highly trained fighters he would be paired with. What Anthony lacked in size he made up for in heart and determination. A skill set that he continues to apply to his training in the world of pro wrestling. A sport which he said he wanted to challenge himself to compete in.

Although Sharkbait has only been training for over a year, he has excelled in pro wrestling like he did in the world of MMA. He used his natural athletic ability combined with his tenacity to impress his coaches at the NWL TPC and landed his first against NWL ring vet Michael Strider. Sharkbait shocked the wrestling world that night by picking up the win against Michael Strider.

Whether it’s his quick hands or surprising KO power, he is seemingly poised for wrestling greatness. Anthony ‘Sharkbait’ Guiterrez is one of the fastest rising stars in wrestling and with one kick he could be a future NWL champion.

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