Blaine Meeks

Blaine Meeks

Captain KC

Hometown: Austin, TX
Height: 6’0
Weight: 195lbs
Trained By: George de la Isla & Ray Campos
Finisher: Comic Mischief

About Blaine Meeks

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Super Meeks! There’s many high flyers in professional wrestling, but none take the phrase as literally as the NWL’s mild mannered comic book aficionado, Blaine Meeks. Whether it’s flying through the air with his trademark cape or delivering his ‘Comic Mischief’ finisher from every angle, this man transforms into something ‘super’ when he is in the ring.

Inspired by the heroic deeds of his childhood superheroes, Meeks has taken to the squared circle to become the living embodiment of a cartoon caped crusader and saved the hearts of the Kansas City faithful as their friendly neighborhood Captain KC. Meeks has foiled many dastardly deeds that some of the NWL’s super villains have tried to perpetrate to him but other NWL talents. Whether there’s trouble backstage or villainy in the ring, you can rest assured that Blaine Meeks won’t be far behind to stand for truth, justice, and the Kansas City way!

With the support of the NWL faithful and never say die attitude, many people say it’s not a question of if but when Super Meeks will stand a top of the NWL as the champion.

Blaine Meeks Videos