Buddy Shepherd

Buddy Shepherd

Hometown: Emerald City, NC
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 240lbs
Motto: “Feel me, feel you”

About Buddy Shepherd

Beauregard Ramses Shepherd was born to a loving mother Margaret (Minnie) Shepherd and a loving father Judge Randolph Shepherd in Greenwood, South Carolina. Affectionately called Buddy by his family for his ability to make friends, Buddy grew up knowing his purpose was to make as many buddies as possible.

After befriending some out of town ruffians, Buddy found himself on the wrong side of the law. His father being a respected member of the community commuted Buddy’s sentence, in place sending him to live with his grandfather Colonel Archibald Tiberius Shepherd. Colonel Shepherd was a strict man and taught Buddy discipline and respect.

Buddy would finish out his studies living with the Colonel as the two had grown very close. Unfortunately for them, their time was short lived after Buddy graduated as a family trip to Kansas City would end in tragedy for the Shepherd clan. After taking a nice long sip into what he thought was a glass of pure unadulterated simple lemonade the Colonel collapsed to the floor clutching at his throat. By the time the EMTs arrived it was too late and the Colonel was pronounced deceased in Kansas City, dead by sulfur poisoning.

On that day Buddy’s world was shaken, and to a lesser man, Buddy might have spiraled uncontrollably. Thankfully Buddy used this tragic loss as a lesson and vowed to bring every”buddy” together so that no one would have to know the pain that he felt. Buddy decided that if he could just let the now named Buddy System come inside everyone, no one would have to suffer that tragic fate.