Carolina Grizelda Esmeralda Rodriguez

Carolina Grizelda Esmeralda Rodriguez

Hometown: Mexico City, MX
Height:  5’5”
Weight: 132lbs
Trained By: Harley Race
Finisher: Tornado DDT

About Carolina Grizelda Esmeralda Rodriguez

No one woman in the NWL personifies “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” more than Carolina Griselda Esmerelda Rodriguez! Although we can’t point to one incident where she was scorned, the one thing we do know is ever since her arrival in the NWL everyone has been paying the price.

Carolinas bombastic personality, silver tongue, and a mean streak a mile long has made her a feared opponent in and out of the NWL ring. At first, it seemed she was content to manage some the brightest stars in the NWL to victory. When she first arrived, she managed fellow NWL star Christian Adonis to numerous victories. While the pair had white hot start, it soon fizzled after she had cost Adonis some key victories.

After the split Carolina decided she would have to do things her own way. Carolina now feels it is her time to shine inside the rings of the NWL. That vicious streak we seen have outside the ring is surely going to help her pick up victories over other females in the NWL. Inside or outside the ring Carolina is the premier Femme Fatale of the NWL.