Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Height: 6’2
Weight: 235lbs
Trained by: Fred Avery

About Castle

Castle’s journey into the world of pro-wrestling began in 2014. Trained by “P.Y.T” Fred Avery, Castle began to learn all the tools to progress in the wrestling business. Due to several budget failures, Castle struggled financially and was forced to leave wrestling school. He slowly started to fall into a dark hole, jumping from state to state looking for his purpose.

Castle would eventually run into Cornell Douglass in a very pivotal moment in his life, all he had was his pride and his way of survival. Cornell instilled motivation, instruction, fight and most importantly, a sense of purpose. With the leadership of “The Bull City Boss”, Castle found his Brother’s Keeper. Castle was brought to NWL by Douglass where week after week we see him by Cornell’s side. Love them or hate them, one can’t deny that Cornell Douglass and Castle are more than just partners, they are a family. Castle uses the tools given to him from Cornell Douglass to fight for his people, never backing down from a fight, no matter how big or intimidating his opponent may seem. Castle and Douglass may not always do things the “right way”, but it is their way.

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