Dak Draper

Dakota Draper

Mile High Magnum

Hometown: Denver, CO
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 244lbs
Trained By: Bill DeMott, Billy Gun, Pat Tanaka, Nick Dinsmore
Finisher: Doctor Bomb
Motto: “Shame on you!”

About Dakota Draper

The current reigning and defending NWL champion is none other than the “Mile High Magnum” Dakota Draper. It is hard to hear the name NWL and not picture Dakota Draper. Whether it is invited or not Dak has been a constant presence on everything NWL. And why not, he will be the first to tell you why you should adore him. After all he is 6’5, handsome, and tan.

But here is a secret, he really is that good in the ring. Although he has used some under handed tactics from time to time to pick up some wins, Dak shows a ring savy that is far above his years in this sport. Boasting a D1 college level sports background in wrestling, to mixed martial arts training and everything in between, Dak backs up all the talk.

Besides being a stand out amateur competitor Dak was also trained by and wrestled some of the best and brightest in our sport. Dak before coming to the NWL wrestled for WWE NXT, wrestling such notables as Chris Hero, Dean Ambrose, Rusev, and Big Cass just to name a few. So with accolades like that, love him or hate him Dakota has a pedigree worthy of championship gold. And if you can’t see that then “Shame on you”!

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