Hometown: Hell’s Kitchen, NY
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 184lbs

About Devlin

NWL’s resident trouble maker and fire starter. Devlin has been tormenting other wrestlers and annoying fans in the NWL since January. Devlin began his NWL career by taunting NWL fan favorite “Lockdown” Ray Briggs, even famously appearing on the NWL video board taunting Ray with his dogs. Ray would eventually get the better of Devlin but the trouble was just beginning.

It has become clear Devlin is a fire starter outside the ring, in the ring he is an accomplished wrestler. Devlin uses his wit to often outsmart his opponents to gain victories. Devlin also has used his brand of mental warfare to have his opponents lose their cool and their focus on the match.

Since he debuted Devlin has been looking for a place to fit in. He has tagged with various NWL wrestlers to try and pick up wins but unfortunately his brand of tactics always rub his partners the wrong way. Recently, Devlin has had a change of heart and joined Buddy Shepherd as is now a part of the Buddy System.

Could this new alliance help this troublemaker find his way in the NWL? Only time will tell.