Drew Gold

Drew Gold

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 210lbs

About Drew Gold

Drew Gold, the silver-tongued agent and manager of champions blazed his way into the NWL at the side of boxer turned pro-wrestler Greatness Marcellus Gaines. Born and raised in Chicago, IL Gold is a shrewd business man who will stop at nothing to make sure he gets the best deals for his clients, securing the best talent in the process. He began his career managing 5 Golden Gloves winners, eventually leading him to bring Marcellus Gaines into the world of professional wrestling.

Gold shocked the NWL fan base when he aligned himself with one the most dominating and feared men in the NWL, the “Raging Bull” Maverick helping him win the St. Louis Championship thus adding Maverick to his stable of athletes. The work is not done yet for Gold as he continues to grow his list of clients, and he won’t rest until he’s got every champion under his payroll.

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