Emmett DuBois

Emmett DuBois

The Billion Dollar Brother

Hometown: Hawlett Bay, NY
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 240lbs
Finisher: The Bank Statement

About Emmett DuBois

When he’s not flying around on his private jet or vacationing in one of his many villas, you can find the “Billion Dollar Brother” Emmett DuBois running one of his many successful businesses. His mind for business and negotiation skills are what has made Emmett a force to be reckoned with at NWL. When questioned where his money came from, DuBois always responds with a smile and says a true businessman never reveals his secrets.

After spending an undisclosed amount, Dubois began his wrestling training with some of the best trainers from all over the world including Japan, UK, and the US, making him a well-rounded fighter. While he may be known for his big wallet, Dubois isn’t afraid to step into the ring, or spend the big bucks to make sure his CPA Clayton Fox is there to take every hit.

Standing at 6’3, 240lb DuBois is not your typical business man. He has gotten it done in the ring in his few fights in NWL, vowing to one day take over the NWL and become league president and sole owner. One should wonder if he plans to do so with his bank account or his fists.