Gil Rogers

Gil Rogers

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 208lbs
Trained By: Les Thatcher
Finisher: Rogers’ Stretch
Motto: “Follow the rules & believe in yourself! That’s the Gil Rogers way!”

About Gil Rogers

If you looked up seasoned ring professional in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Gil Rogers. A veteran of the sport for over 17 years, Gil has racked up championships and accolades across the country. In his 17 plus years, Gil has won over 10 titles across the globe but the one thing that has seemingly alluded Gil was capturing a major title with a major company. Enter Gil Rogers joining the NWL.

Gil exploded on the NWL scene from day one. Enduring himself to the fans with his throwback attire and some would say his throwback attitude. He always chooses hard work and clean living, over short cuts and late nights. Gil is known for his upbeat attitude both in and out of the ring. Gil also chooses to use moves that would be considered a “throwback” or “old school” by some. Such as a picture perfect dropkick, monkey flip, and even an airplane spin.

Whether in tag team competition or singles matches Gil has tried everything to pick up wins. The key word being “try” because as of this writing Gil has had yet to pick up a singles victory. And although Gil hasn’t produced a lot of victories in the NWL, he has won over the hearts of everyone who sees him compete and he’s done it “The Gil Rogers Way!”