Jack Foster

Jack Foster

Hometown: Blackwater, MO
Height: 6’8”
Weight: 279lbs
Trained By: Mike Sharona, Ricky Cruz & Pro Wrestling NOAH Dojo
Finisher: Chokeslam

About Jack Foster

“This is not pro wrestling” is the mantra of the reclusive giant of the NWL, Jack Foster. After spending years in the ring honing his craft and wrestling some of the best in the world, something snapped inside Jack Foster. Foster saw the ever-changing landscape of wrestling begin its shift and in his mind not for the better. Foster would go into seclusion, pondering his future and eventually plotting his return.

What started as ominous signals and messages at some of the first NWL events, warning that a change was coming, culminated in Fosters’ return to the ring which he loves. Since his return Foster has made his intentions clear. Foster rejects what the NWL presents, a flashy and polished pro wrestling. However, this does not mean Foster is one to break the rules. It seems the reclusive giant is governed by a deep seeded integrity and an admiration for what’s right. Jack Foster is a true throwback to an old school pro wrestler.

Foster may march to the beat of his own drummer but one thing is certain, he doesn’t want the fame, he doesn’t want the spotlight. Jack Foster wants his sport back to the way it was and he will stop and nothing to get it back.

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