Jeremy Wyatt

Jeremy Wyatt

The Monarch

Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 193lbs
Finisher: Coronation Piledriver

About Jeremy Wyatt

In Kansas City, Jeremy Wyatt is considered wrestling royalty. Aptly nicknamed “The Monarch”, Wyatt has been active in professional wrestling since 2001, when he began his training with Steve Estes. Fans of the NWL are familiar with his work as the tales of his rivalry with Michel Strider has been well documented throughout the Midwest. Wyatt and Strider came to the NWL as bitter foes, having some of the most brutal matches in the history of Kansas City wrestling including a no rope, barbed wire match in 2008. But the two put their differences aside when they were offered contracts with the NWL. They saw the benefit in uniting their combined almost 40 years of experience and conquering the NWL together.

Wyatt came to the NWL with one goal in mind; to be the first ever Kansas City champion. His plans were foiled as he lost in the first round to Thor Theriot which led to months of brutal matches between Theriot and the newly formed Foundation of Wyatt & Strider. The Foundation grew as they added rookie Scott Slade and legendary wrestler Ace Steel. With this team backing him, it won’t be long before Wyatt is back in the title picture.

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