Amber Lynn

Laynie Luck

Hometown: Portland, OR
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 155lbs
Trained By: George de la Isla & Ray Campos
Finisher: Hanging Neckbreaker

About Laynie Luck

Laynie Luck exploded on the scene by attacking the beloved announcer/wrestler Marti Belle. It seemed the once helpful and almost docile Laynie was tired of being “overlooked”. Laynie believes she has the talent to be recognized over other female talent like Marti. So Laynie decided to take her opportunity instead of waiting for it.

Before her auspicious debut, Laynie was content being at ringside ringing the bell and presenting the championship belt before important matches. During the attack on Marti, it became clear that Laynie had caught the eye of the most feared tag team in the NWL, The Howletts. Whether her relationship with them is strictly a business move or something personal remains to be seen.

Fortunately for some, Laynie has not been seen since her loss to Marti Belle. But we know it’s only  matter of time before she strikes again and when she does who will be her next target?

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