Marcellus Gaines

Marcellus Gaines


Hometown: Chicago, IL
Height: 5’10”
Weight: Light Heavyweight
Trained By: Tracy Smothers
Finisher: South Paw Shooter
Motto: I am Greatness

About Marcellus Gaines

Tough, resilient, a fighter –  these are a few words that describe the boxer turned pro-wrestler Marcellus ‘Greatness’ Gaines. Gaines grew up in a rough neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. After falling in with the wrong crowd and being too many fights, at age 9 he caught the eye of a local boxing trainer who took him under his wing. Gaines’ athleticism was evident when he first stepped into the ring, earning him the moniker “Greatness” and with a 52-0 career, he decided boxing was too easy and grew bored. At age 21, Gaines met Drew Gold, a boxing promoter who would push him into a new, challenging career path.

Gold introduced Gaines to legendary pro-wrestler Tracy Smothers who was a fan of Gaines’ boxing career and wanted to help him trade the boxing ring for a wrestling ring. Gaines learned the ropes of pro-wrestling and made the announcement he and Drew Gold signed a contract with the NWL.

Upon arriving at NWL, Gaines quickly showed the St. Louis crowd he was a force to be reckoned with. With his knockout punch and impressive high-flying maneuvers, Gaines is quickly making believers out of every fan in the NWL.