The Raging Bull

Hometown: Georgetown, TX
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 240lbs
Trained By: Rudy Gonzalez
Finisher: Running Gory Bomb

About Maverick

“The Raging Bull” Maverick stays true to his name as an unorthodox, independent force with his aggressive in-ring style. Raised in Georgetown, TX Maverick has been a fighter since birth, overcoming obstacles and adversities with his strong-willed demeanor. At first glance, Maverick is one of the most intimidating men in the NWL, but there is more to Maverick than meets the eye. Maverick is fueled by aggression, passion and the need to succeed. Raised by a single mother and his grandparents, Maverick was taught that there is no substitute for hard work.

He began his wrestling training San Antonio, Texas and within a short period of time, created the opportunity to train under Taka Michinoku at the Kaientia Dojo in Japan. Upon his return to Texas Maverick continued to succeed on an independent level where he caught the eyes of NWL officials who offered him a full-time deal with the NWL.

Once Maverick made his debut in St. Louis, it was clear that he was meant to be champion. Maverick was not successful in his first attempt, making it to the finals of the St. Louis Championship tournament. Maverick shocked the STL fans, when he acquired the services of Drew Gold, helping him become the St. Louis Champion.

Maverick Videos