Michael Strider

Michael Strider

Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 234lbs
Trained By: Dory Funk Jr.
Finisher: Strider Spiral
Motto: “I am a black belt, in professional wrestling.”

About Michael Strider

Whether you like or not, not many other names are as revered in the Midwest wrestling scene as Michael Strider. When Strider says he is one of the Foundations of Kansas City wrestling and wrestling in general it would be hard to argue with it. Strider has made a name for himself throughout the years as one of the hardest hitting and most feared competitors in the squared circle. He has had wars with such wrestling legends as Sabu, Samoa Joe, Colt Cabana, and Adam Pierce.

Perhaps Michael Strider is best known for his long-standing war with fellow foundation member Jeremy Wyatt. For years, both men battled across various states shedding buckets of blood along the way. After beating each other to a pulp, a mutual respect was formed between the former enemies. This respect turned to a bond and it would be this bond that formed The Foundation.

Along with Wyatt, The Foundation was formed out of a need to preserve wrestling the way it was. Both Wyatt and Strider saw what was happening to their sport and wanted to defend it at all costs. Since their formation The Foundation has made life difficult for many younger NWL stars in and out of the ring.

Michael Strider has been around far too long to give up the reigns to some young punk now. And if any NWL star wants to try, remember that he wrote the book on breaking the rules. Be warned all that dare to cross Strider Nation!


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