Mike Outlaw

Mike Outlaw

Hometown: Wellston, MO
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 202lbs
Trained By: Dynamo Pro Dojo
Finisher: Top Rope Elbow

About Mike Outlaw

It’s been a long road for the St. Louis born Mike Outlaw to reach the NWL. Born and raised in Wellston, MO, a crime riddled suburb of STL where people aren’t encouraged to follow their larger than life dreams. After watching the likes of Steve Austin, Mick Foley and AJ Styles, Outlaw was hooked on pro-wrestling, and knew nothing would stop him until he accomplished his dream. Wrestling provided a way to channel his anger, energy and passion while also providing for his family. After wrestling for three years he caught the eye of NWL League President Major Baisden who offered him a full-time contract with the NWL.

Upon his arrival to NWL, fans saw him take on the name “Dez Wellston” as an homage to his hometown. Making it to the semi-finals of the crowning of the first STL Champion. But the life of a “corporate” wrestler just wasn’t for him, and when the opportunity arose to join Anarchy, he jumped on it, reverting to his given name. Outlaw has proven to be an asset for Anarchy, a company fitting of his last name. Outlaw continues to fight for his dreams, and most importantly, his people.

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