Niles Plonk

Niles Plonk

The Connoisseur

Hometown: Napa Valley, CA
Height: 6’0′
Weight: 210lbs
Trained By: Sonny Myers
Finisher: The Uncorker

About Niles Plonk

The “Connoisseur” Niles Plonk, (pronounced “Plon-kay” according to Niles) is a top-shelf competitor in the NWL.  Plonk began training to be a Professional Wrestler in 1999 under the instruction of 14-time Central States Champion: Sonny Myers in Saint Joseph Missouri.  Now residing in Napa Valley California, having traveled the world and honing his craft, Plonk claims that he will bring class and sophistication to the NWL.

Having great success outside the ring and in the wine industry, Niles claims his supreme intellect and cleverness allows him to focus on the things that normal, “simpleton” people have struggles with.  Never one to miss an opportunity, Plonk can be extremely bold with his words, often infuriating the recipient, although he claims he merely speaks the truth.

Plonk, along with his butler, “Belvedere”, insists he is the “Vintage” that the NWL and the people need.  Plonk delivers many crushing offenses to the ring such as the “Grape Stomp” and “Uncorker”, and while he may be a dangerous physical threat to anyone on the roster, Plonk’s biggest advantage, or disadvantage, is his ego and craftiness.

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