Roscoe Leech

Roscoe Leech

Leech Talent Agency

Hometown: Kansas City, KS
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 240lbs
Motto: “I think that went…pretty well”

About Roscoe Leech

Although not a lot is known about the early years of Roscoe Leech, what is known is that Roscoe has made a huge statement since arriving in the NWL. The slick talking, cowboy hat wearing, and CEO of the Leech Talent Agency (LTA) has been busy since his arrival trying to recruit the biggest and the best in the NWL. When he first arrived, the lovable but sometimes misguided Leech, didn’t have much success recruiting but over time has turned into a bonafied talent agent. Under the motivation and tutelage of Leech, the once winless “Lockdown” Ray Briggs and Flex Zerba have started winning!

While his winning formula may be a “Leech family secret”, Roscoes success is a surprise to anyone except him. Roscoes blind guts and determination has lent itself to him never backing down from his clients opponent but also never backing down from a fight. Roscoe even once famously “stunned’ manager and rival Buddy Shepherd, when came to the defense of his hometown Kansas City!

Roscoe Leech claims that the LTA is just getting started and they will eventually be the “premiere talent agency in all of wrestling!”