Scott Slade

Scott Slade

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 238lbs
Trained By: Lonnie Valdez
Finisher: Moonraker

About Scott Slade

Since arriving in the NWL, Scott Slade has been shrouded in mystery. At one time, he seemed to be man of timeless class, charm, and sophistication. Preferring the company of ladies and a fine cocktail after a good day’s work, Slade seemed to be the person that all the fans wanted to know about. Slade would change direction like the wind and showed up and NWL events whenever he wanted. Slade disappeared from NWL for a few months and showed up wrestling in Japan. Proving that he was indeed an “International Man of Mystery.”

In the ring, Slade showed the expertise of a well-traveled fighter and wrestler. His offensive move set includes: devastating suplexes, judo throws, hard strikes, and MMA style submissions. Being very physically fit, charming, and a well-traveled wrestler should be the perfect cocktail for success but unfortunately that had not been the case for Slade. Until he met The Foundation!

Whether it was Slade’s frustration with his lack of success or his desire to bolster his bank account, Slade turned on new comer Anthony “Sharkbait” Guiterrez and joined one of the most heinous stables in all of wrestling The Foundation. Only time will tell if this allegiance will help Slade get on the winning track.