Thor Theriot

Thor Theriot

Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Height: 6’0
Weight: 213lbs
Trained By: Odin
Finisher: Ragnarok

About Thor Theriot

When you see the word ‘Panic’ flash on the screen you know things are about to get intense because Thor Theriot is coming to the ring. But the word ‘Panic’ when it comes to Thor, doesn’t mean what it would mean for the ‘average Joe’. The word panic for Thor, this used to describe the way his opponents feel once Thor has had enough of playing their game and wants to end the battle once and for all. Taking his name for the Greek God of Thunder, Thor wants to instill panic and fear in his opponents with his highly unorthodox style and flurry of offense. A fear and panic only worthy of the Gods.

After watching a handful of Thor matches, it is easy to see why he is one of the fastest rising stars in the NWL. When Thor hits the stage at NWL events, there is an energy and intensity that comes with him. Like a powerful storm, Thor’s intensity seems to grow as the match progresses. And this storm is something that many of his opponents haven’t been able to weather. By combining a high-flying offense, devastating strikes and throws, it’s easy to see that Thor wants to make a big impression to fan and foe alike.

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