Training and Performance Center

The NWL Training and Performance Center is a performance driven, athletic training center built by athletes, for athletes.

The Training and Performance Center for NWL is by far the best facility for professional wrestling training in the mid-west. The opportunity to train with extremely qualified coaches and talent was too big to pass up, leading to potential work with what I believe is one of the most impressive and legitimate wrestling company’s in the mid-west.


I decided to train with NWL at the TPC because of quality and opportunity. I’d heard a lot of good things about Derek Stones training, and saw the quality of the training center. You don’t find many training places that have a ring AND a gym together.


The reason why I came to the training and performance center of the NWL is to hopefully one day become successful enough in this profession to where I can not only take care of my family but to also finally pat myself on the back and say that I finally did it, dream come true.

Nelson Atkins