Training and Performance Center

The NWL Training and Performance Center is a performance driven, athletic training center built by athletes, for athletes.

The Training and Performance Center for NWL is by far the best facility for professional wrestling training in the mid-west. The opportunity to train with extremely qualified coaches and talent was too big to pass up, leading to potential work with what I believe is one of the most impressive and legitimate wrestling company’s in the mid-west.


I decided to train with NWL at the TPC because of quality and opportunity. I’d heard a lot of good things about Derek Stones training, and saw the quality of the training center. You don’t find many training places that have a ring AND a gym together.


The reason why I came to the training and performance center of the NWL is to hopefully one day become successful enough in this profession to where I can not only take care of my family but to also finally pat myself on the back and say that I finally did it, dream come true.

Nelson Atkins


  • For those with no wrestling experience. This course will give you the basics to turn you into a working professional wrestler.
  • • Learning and perfecting basic moves
  • • Ring psychology
  • • Promotional work
  • • Character development
  • • Professional ethics
  • • Physical conditioning
  • Each class will run for thirteen weeks and will be held on Tuesday, Thursdays and an all-day session on Saturday. This course will give you the basics to turn you into a working professional wrestler.


  • If you are currently a professional wrestler, have had some training or just want to increase your knowledge about the business; then the thirteen-week advanced class is for you
  • • Design to go into more details
  • • Increase your marketability
  • • Delivered at a faster pace
  • • Expand your knowledge of the industry
  • • Correct and bad habits you may have developed


  • NWL TPC offers monthly 3-5-day training camps for individuals who want to train with the best but can’t commit to a long-term training course. These full-day, intense camps are designed to deliver a crash course and are available at the novice and advanced level. For those coming in from out of the area, room and board is included in the fee (contact us for details). Our camps follow the following format:
  • • Assessment – each student will be assessed in 7 core areas of competence
  • • Physical conditioning
  • • Nutritional guidance
  • • Personalized development
  • • Final evaluation – students achieving a score of 60 will be eligible for NWL and partner shows